Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nicky byrne biography

Nicky was born Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne on October 9th, 1978 to proud parents Yvonne and Nicky. His Irish name is Nucal O`Byrne. He was born in Dublin as the middle child, having an older sister, Gillian and a younger brother, Adam. From the age of 7 he played for local, successful Dublin side Home Farm Football Club. he played as a goalkeeper, and when he was in his early teens he won the Young European Keeper of the Year. He met Georgina Ahern at high school. They got together after three years of shying away from each other and staring across classrooms into each other`s eyes. Nicky`s best friend, Colm `Cos` Costello, got the two together, and they`ve been together ever since. That was 1995!

At age 15, he was signed up by Leeds United as a goalkeeper. He grew homesick, and missed his family and girlfriend. His then manager, George Graham, decided two years later, that Nicky was too short, and unless he grew a few inches he would terminate his contract. Unfortunately for Nicky, he didn`t grow, and his contract with Leeds was terminated after 2 years.

When he returned home, he retook his Leaving Certificate (GCSEs) at Plunkett College. He then set up a karaoke business with his father called `Father and Son`, and they toured local pubs doing Boyzone songs. The Westlife audition came to Nicky`s attention through his Aunty, but he was pessimistic about the idea. His girlfriend persuaded him to go, telling him she had confidence in him. He decided to go, but didn`t tell anyone he was going. It was only when his face was seen in then paper that people found out. He was in the paper because he was up against another blonde for the only place in the band left. that other blonde was Brian McFadden. Eventually the pair of them got into the band, and Westlife was born.

Westlife`s debut single was released in May 1999, Swear It Again, and started off a string of 7 consecutive number ones, ending with My Love in 2001. All four of their albums reached the top spot, and they have the Guinness World Record for the first boyband in history to have five consecutive number ones from their debut.

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