Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Just Can Dreams To Get Her

Why you not replay my message?
I be afraid when you not replay my message
Because you part of my life

You always give me smile
And you that first talk to me in private class

Since then, i feels wanna near with you
I want to be your best friend
And last your Boy Friend

Before it, I ever dreaming you
In my dreams, us fall in love and s that feel very near

But... Dreams still Dreams
Because i just can dreams to get you

It must hard to get you
So much people want to get you
He is more........ than me
And i know it's true

And... not long time again....
Us must leave
I regret i new know you

I know my english words not perfect than you
But, i'll improve it

Maybe... I gotta just dreams
Yeah, Dreams.... Dreams..... and Dreams