Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Journey to Become Volunteer

In 2008, in that time, Situ Gintung, one of area in Jakarta, Indonesia. There a dam that crack, with the big volume, water flow down and broke the housing. Tomorrow, our organization, ARMADA (Young Muslim Daarul Uluum Mosque) departure to Situ Gintung to give a pack of medicine and things that need in there. While we touch down it, the situation still very warning. The car still lay on the roof, the goat freeze, the rescue still  busy to evacuate dead victim.  The days it’s the first things i descending to help people, to care with human life, and interest to become volunteer.

In 2012, there is area in my hometown, the area while the rain, always making a flood. In this time the area named IKIP, affected by floading. Flood in that area make many media come and cover this situation. This area become repsentative flood in Indonesia. Our organization, take part to become volunteer again. With have capital inflatable boot we descending the flood, to take a step on water, to give food and drink for people who can escape from the housing.

Yesterday, when the Kelud mountain erupted, our organization, UAKI & FSLDK Malang Raya (Islamic and sosial organization in Brawijaya university) take a part to fundraising for Kelud erupt victim. During 6 days we run the fundrising as continue. Fundraising begin in highway, intersection, car free day, and many more. Also my friends and our student in university of Brawijaya.

After the donation finish, i with 7 friends want to distribute the donation, food, cloth, medicine, etc. Our goals is Pujon. The journey to distribute it very amazing. We depart from Malang to Pujon in evening. While we enter Pujon, it still there many people and many social stand. But we decide not to distribute in Pujon because in that area already full with help, we continue the journey, we go to Ngantang, 23 Km from Kelud mountain. After pass the Pujon, we across the hill, the condition begin to dark. There’s no energy and light again, just light from our car. Beside us, is the river, there is landslide in front of us. We drove very carefully. After passes the hill, we enter the place and area with very silent. We met the polician, we ask them, and they give us advice to distribute this donation,etc to school at very deep Ngantang area, and we say ‘yes’. After the travel with strain, we arrived in school in Ngantang, the school in very deep Ngantang area, 23 km from Kelud mountrain. And the mountain is very danger, it can erupt suddenly.

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